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The procedure of hair transplant surgery may be considered as one among the most labor intensive surgical undertakings. There is a saying in the field that an inexperienced surgeon with an experienced team can beat the results of an experienced surgeon with an inexperienced team.each patient is a unique project which applies surgical setup, graft extraction, recipient site creation, hair line design, graft placement. besides the technical skill sets that are required to perform a superior hair transplant, the surgeon must also be able to understand well how hair grows in different regions of the scalp.

There are many methods of grafts placement , each technique is based on physicians experience and his practice. each scalp region exhibits a unique pattern that must be assiduously replicated through site creation and graft placement in order to achieve a seamlessly natural result.

A lot of initial planning is required to perform before hair transplant procedure. the physician can begin to reflect more seriously on how many grafts and what sized grafts are necessary to accomplish the task at hand.

The patient relationship does not end with the conclusion of surgery but should continue forward indefinitely if possible. just like the procedure itself , postoperative care is a team approach that involves every member offering the same, high standard of care that was given before and during the procedure.

In new roots hair clinic patient feels comfortable with and confident with a physician .

  • The clinic which offers a thorough consultation before hair loss treatment and even after hair loss treatment.
  • Hair transplantation theatre should be equipped with facilities for monitoring and handling emergencies and which has all modern amenities for patient comfort.
  • Physician which offers not only hair transplant but also hair loss medical management to stop ongoing hair loss.
  • The center having skilled hair transplant physician and well trained technicians fully dedicated to center.

Most important in success of hair transplant is that it should avoid major errors and is in perspective of following factors :

Graft drying: exposure to air for more than 10-20 seconds can kill the graft. The smaller the graft, the greater the risks for graft damage or graft kill. This risk occurs at many times in the procedure: (a) immediately after graft removal, the grafts are not immersed in a bath of a physiologic solution, (b) during graft trimming, when the grafts are optimized with regard to the size, (c), during movement of the graft from one place to another, (d) during placing, when the grafts are held in the air for more than 10-20 seconds.

Graft storage: The solutions used contribute to the survival of the graft and the longer it is out of the body, the greater the potential damage. This risk reflects upon the skill of the surgical team and the experience of each technician.

Graft handling: Managing the movement of the grafts from the physiologic bath solution to the recipient handling: area takes time. Some doctor’s assistants who place the grafts will pile them up on the finger or hand, leaving them exposed to air for more than 20 seconds.

Graft placement: This requires a special skill that often takes more than a year to acquire. Often it reflects a talent. The grafts must be delicately handled, because crush injuries are a potential problem. New roots hair clinic tries to achieve  Significant hair density especially after single session. We always try to be with extraction of more possible grafts so that patient hardly require second session again. This requires long experience and expertise with trained staff.

Graft depth: There is such a thing as a graft that is placed too deep or too superficial. Too deep can kill the graft as it turns the graft into a foreign body. It can also produce pimples or folliculitis sometimes weeks after surgery.

Grafts destroyed or never done as claimed: For long cases, I am under the impression that some doctors and/or some of their technicians actually toss the grafts in the garbage because: (a) they were too tired, (b) the placing was too difficult (c) they never harvested or placed the number of grafts that they actually charged for. All of these things probably happen far more often than anyone cares to admit, but because it is a financial issue, the doctor and/ or the team gets greedy. That means that from some surgeons  points of view the surgery is about money, not grafts… and certainly not results.

 Artistic hair line design : hair line design is most important factor in successful hair transplant. It involves          proper direction, depth and angle of hair grafts. this factor gives the natural way to hair. It totally depends upon the calculation of age, graft quality, grafts extracted and grade OF BALDNESS.

New Roots hair transplant gives you not just hair but style to make you look & feel a million dollars which gives confidence to achieve your personal goal.